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Why Outsource?

  • Outsource to stay competitive. Leading companies worldwide realize that to maintain stay ahead, they need to reduce costs, provide the best quality, use the latest high-tech skills, and be reliable and innovative
  • Cost Savings. Cost savings are a major push for the outsourcing. Companies can save a lot by outsourcing their work without losing on quality. Companies need to outsource to a right partner with world-class systems, systems and quality
  • Abundance of Technological Resouces. Indian programmers are known for their strong technical skills and their eagerness to accommodate clients. In some cases, clients outsource work to get access to more specialized engineering talent, particularly in the area of telecommunications. India also has one of the largest pools of English-speaking professionals..

Why Outsource to Ashraa?

  • Cost Benifits : Development at Ashraa offers a 40% - 60% cost savings. You can take advantage of our India based resources to cut costs.
  • Committed to client benefits : Ashraa is committed to satisfy client needs without losing on quality.
  • Approach to build long term relationship
  • Intellectual property rights (IPR) protection :
  • Low risk delivery model
  • Dedication to meet deadlines : Ashra's professional management and well organized team ensure that your projects are completed on time and to your satisfaction.
  • Deep Technology Expertise : Ashraa has an excellent team with different kinds of Technology expertise.
  • Sophisticated web based project management tool for clients
  • Experienced Software Outsourcing Partner : We are experienced in providing high quality outsourced solutions to our international customers in a timely manner with low cost.
  • Offer you with competitive charge-out rates.
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.

We have an Excellent track record of providng high quality solutions to our customers in a timely manner with huge cost savings.

We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to ALL of our customers.

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