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Customer Benefits

What are the benefits?

  • Cost Savings. Labor cost savings may reach 90% for routine low-level tasks as compared with in-house development in North America and Western Europe.
  • Reduced Time to Market. Significant reduction of development time and, thus, speed-to-market becomes invaluable advantage in a present-day competitive environment.
  • Availability of trained IT staff. Immediate access to a large pool of best industry talents at Ashraa, allows overcoming hiring gap for IT professionals.
  • Flexible manpower utilization. By using our outsourcing services, customers can cut down their housing, recruiting and training expenses.
  • No up-front investments. No up-front investments on the customer's part.
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Ashraa is fully committed to protect your IPR (Intellectual Property rights). It is our policy and we enforce such rules very stringently.

We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to ALL of our customers.

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